Building Wall ⋅ E

Wall⋅E before assembly

For Christmas this year I was fortunate enough to receive a Lego Wall ⋅ E from my mother.

Side note: don’t bother using Amazon’s gift wrapping service, they include a packing slip that spoils the whole thing - that’s why I opened it early.

Beginning Assembly

Body taking shape

Wall ⋅ E is the first complex/advanced Lego set I’ve built in probably a decade. Like many kids, I was nuts for Lego as a child, I’d spend hours and hours endlessly building and rebuilding things out if my giant container of parts (which I still have by the way).

Building Treads

Body complete

As an adult, I still have an appreciation for Lego, but up until recently I’ve never had somewhere to display any sets I might have. Funny how things change as one ages. As a child, what a set was meant to be proved pretty irrelevant - it might exist as something that followed the instructions for a day or too, but it was soon dismantled. Now as an adult, any sets I might find myself wanting will be bought solely to be built and displayed as the instructions intended.

Building eyes

Body with eyes complete

I was so pleased to have gotten Wall ⋅E as a gift. I adore the character, and sitting down for a few hours to build a Lego set for the first time in a long time was very rewarding. I think this will inspire me to finally purchase and build some of the sets I’ve been pining after for a while.

Completed Wall E

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