We've Moved!

After a long time considering it, I have moved this website from the old missourivalleyambulance.com domain to missourivalley.tech.

Truth be told, this change was largely motivated by the simple fact that the old domain was really long. Anytime I brought it up in conversation I had just the slightest embarrassment at the fact that the domain was so long and ridiculous sounding.

After a few years of having the old Ambulance domain it was time for a change. The new domain name is a lot shorter, and really gets to the heart of what this site is all about: technology.

With the change to the new domain I’ve made a few changes to under the hood of the site:

  • Comments are now enabled, using Disqus.
  • FancyBox support has been added for images.
  • Widgets for featured posts have been added to the homepage.

Over the coming days I’ll be adding comments sections to most (if not all) of the old posts, and I’ll be updating most inline images to use FancyBox

In addition to the new domain, I’ve also rebranded the blog’s twitter, follow it here: MoValleyTech.

I’ve also started a dedicated Youtube Channel for the blog. There aren’t any videos up yet, but I’ve got a couple in the pipe, and will be making a push to make more video content for the site very soon.

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