Kinesis Reloaded

Posts & video log detailing the work on my reloaded, overhauled, and modernized Kinesis Contoured Model 110.

A split ergonomic keyboard, the Kinesis Contoured Model 110 was the first in Kinesis’ long line of ergonomic keyboards. Kinesis is still operating today, selling the Advantage line of keyboards - the successor to this Contoured.

This board dates from 1995, so it needed a lot of work to modernize it. The case, keycaps, and Fkey rubber buttons are the only original components left. The internal circuit boards have been replaced with those from a modern-day Kinesis Advantage, and its controller has been replaced with a modern and programmable one. Switches were also replaced with tactile Otemu Ice, and RGB backlighting was added.

This build took place on 3 different days spread over 3 weeks. Total build time was roughly 12 hours. The below posts detail in depth what happened during build days.

Kinesis Reloaded: Day 1

Prep day - the Contoured and the Advantage donor boards are disassembled. New switches are installed.

Kinesis Reloaded: Day 2

Prep and test day - the Stapelberg controller is assembled and tested. RGB lighting is implemented and tested.

Kinesis Reloaded: Day 3

Assembly day - the Kinesis is assembled and finalized.