Gruber on HomePod
John Gruber reviews HomePod in fewer than 140 characters. Read More ›

HomePod, From an Audiophile's Perspective
A Reddit member's take on HomePod in an early preview. Read More ›

iPhone X
iPhone was the beginning of a revolution. iPhone X is its realization. Every iPhone Apple makes is always the best iPhone ever made. Every iPhone I buy (and I've owned quite a few) is always the best iPhone I've ever owned. iPhone X though, is something special. The experience of using iPhone X is fundamentally different than every one that preceded it; it breaks all the rules on how an iPhone should work, and is very much the better for it. Read More ›

Apple OS / MacOS 2020 redesign
Germain to my post the other day imagining a world with a unified OS between iPhone and Mac, Aurelein Saloman has mocked up what that experience might look like. Read More ›

The Unified Platform
Qualcomm has announced Windows PCs with ARM processors. In an era where ARM processors can compete with Intel processors, what if Apple made an ARM Mac? Read More ›

I picked up a set of AirPods about three weeks ago, and have been in love with them. They are one of the most Apple-y products I’ve ever used. Read More ›

All Screen
Gruber’s Apple Watch Series 3 Review
iPhone X Keynote Hot Take And Rundown
Apple presented its 10th annual iPhone keynote today. The keynote was the first ever presentation made from Apple's new campus, in the Steve Jobs Theater. What follows are my hot takes and first thoughts about the keynote and what Apple announced today. Read More ›

Macrumors Goes Hands On With iPhone 8
Macrumors’ hands on video with a dummy model for the purported iPhone 8/Pro Read More ›

Scott Forstall On The Genesis Of iPhone
Forstall, the project manager for iPhone left Apple in 2012. He was interviewed at the Computer History Museum on 6/20/17, discussing the original iPhone. Video link after the jump. Read More ›

Reviewing The First iPhone
Writing for Wired, Steven Levy looks back and the 'hype typhoon' surrounding the first iPhone's launch. Read More ›

Mac Pro's Modular Future
Daring Fireball's John Gruber met with Apple yesterday to discuss the future of Mac Pro Read More ›

App Store Developer Replies
Curtis Herbert on developer replies in the app store, and how he will take care to engage with his customers. Read More ›

Night Shift in macOS Sierra 10.12.4
MacRumors explains Night Shift, new in macOS 10.12.4 Read More ›

Apple's VoiceOver Assistive Technology For The Blind
I've known for some time that Apple has great assistive technology for the blind in iPhone. I was vaguely aware of VoiceOver, but always wondered how it was used. To see it in action is pretty incredible. Read More ›

Share Notes With iCloud
I learned just yesterday that it's possible to share notes (from iOS/macOS' built-in Notes app) with others via iCloud. I've been aware of this functionality in Reminders for some time now, but I'm glad to know that it's present in Notes as well. Read More ›

Theater At Apple Park
Apple is opening its new campus 'Apple Park' in April. Read More ›

MacBook Pro Touchbar Lockdown
MacBook Pro Touch Bar Thoughts
Got my first chance to play with a Touch Bar MacBook Pro over the weekend. Read More ›

iCloud Call Log Sync
Turns out iCloud syncs your call logs. Elcomsoft reports. Read More ›

iPhone 7
Studio & Touch Bar
I got the opportunity to play with a Surface Studio at a Microsoft Store yesterday - the machine is absolutely incredible. Incredible! Read More ›

iPhone 7 Ad
Apple if anything are a company about convictions. Read More ›

Apple's iPhone 7 Event › Quick Thoughts
Apple is once again proving how powerful it is to own the whole stack. They're doing something interesting with A10 fusion. Not only are they producing a 4 core phone, but they're actually using those cores intelligently (looking at you Android OEMs). Read More ›

iPhone 6S vs Note 7 Speed Test
Samsung's best effort from this year is still not enough to beat Apple's from last year. Read More ›

iMessage New Device Sec
You know when you add a new Apple device to your lineup, you inevitably get a message about a new device added to iMessage? Seems ridiculous doesn't it? I know I added the device, I was there. I always thought it was a bug, a remnant in iOS and OS X from the early days when iMessage was being developed. As they say, it's not a bug, it's a feature. Read More ›

Apple Building Their Own Servers?
As much as Apple is growing in enterprise there's bound to be interest in Apple server hardware, especially under Tim Cook's security focused Apple. Read More ›

State-Level Actors › You Want The Data? Go Get It!
The FBI is now confirming what many in the industry have been saying - they don't need Apple to get into this phone. Read More ›

It's All About Precedent
This whole fight isn't about precedent at all he says. It's about know...for the families and stuff. Read More ›

If You Want Data, Don't Cock It Up
So it's law enforcement's own fault they can't access the data, and we should now trust them with the power of a backdoor to all iPhones? Read More ›

Open Letter from Tim Cook
People ask me why I like Apple, why I buy their products. Apple is the ONLY company standing up and defending encryption. Read More ›

Mid-cycle iOS Update › Apple shipping new features in iOS 9.3
This is the first time since the original iPad and iOS 3.2 that I can recall Apple doing a mid-cycle iOS update with new features. Every September with the release of that year's iOS there is always a slew of new features, but in the interim it seems Apple's most popular OS can feel a bit stale. Read More ›

Turns out Swiss Watchmakers Aren't Original Either
Only 50 pieces will be made, all in white gold, and at a price of $24,900 – only a little bit more than the all-rose-gold Apple Watch Edition. If the watch costs that much, I wonder how much the photocopier was. Read More ›

Attack of the Clones
Every year at CES we see various OEMs debut that year's clones of what Apple did the previous year. Products the OEMs just weren't original enough to think of themselves. Hell, they don't settle for copying just the look, they copy the colors too. Read More ›