Share Notes With iCloud

I learned just yesterday that it’s possible to share notes (from iOS/macOS’ built-in Notes app) with others via iCloud. I’ve been aware of this functionality in Reminders for some time now, but I’m glad to know that it’s present in Notes as well.

My girlfriend has long maintained a shopping list, and I’ve always needed to defer to her to add items to the list. Now with iCloud notes sharing we’re both able to contribute to the list.

The steps to share a note are super simple:

  • Make a note of course, then tap the plus person icon.

  • Determine how to share the link. Your recipient must have an iCloud account. Obviously sharing via SMS or email is best for this.

  • Send the invite.

The party on the other side will see your note, and when tapping on it, the note will automatically open in and you’ll have fast syncing shared notes.

If in the future you need to add more people to the list, or remove someone’s access, just tap the plus person icon - people can be added, removed, or sharing can be stopped entirely from here.

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