App Store Developer Replies

Curtis Herbert, developer of Slopes, on dev replies in the App Store:

Apple gave us indies a great new opportunity yesterday: the ability to break the silence with customers.
This great power does come with responsibility though. Realtalk: we all feel the need to be “right” often. Especially when it comes to defending work we pour or souls into. I know I do. I want to warn you: the new reply capability is not the place for that. You need to check your “but someone on the internet is wrong!” really hard here. You will not convince people your app’s price is worth it via these replies, and in the mean time everyone checking out your app will see you arguing with customers.
To phrase it another way: these are as much replies to existing customers as they are PR statements to future ones.

Great post from Curtis, detailing how he will use this new feature to directly engage with his customers. Be sure to read it here.

As a consumer, I’ve often found frustration in trying to contact an app developer regarding any issues or feature suggestions for an app. This new functionality in the App Store will resolve a lot of that - especially with dedicated & engaged developers like Curtis.

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