Reviewing The First iPhone

Steven Levy writing for Wired:

As launch approached, the anticipation reached a madness-of-crowds level. So when Apple chose only four judges to give the first verdicts on the product—our reviews were to appear two days before the public would have a chance to buy iPhones—each of us knew that these would be the most scrutinized reports in our career.

In the early 1980s, reviews were fairly technical, and directed at the aficionados and hobbyists who were early adopters of the products. As technology became more mainstream, however, product reviews sometimes became news themselves. The iPhone experience was the apex of that trajectory. No product will ever be as hyped, and no tiny group of reviewers will ever get such weight dumped on them

Ten years ago I was a high school kid in the Midwest, pining after the iPhone. I devoured all the reviews and news leading up to and after the launch. I was obsessed. In many ways, I still am.

[via The Loop & Wired]

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