Macrumors Goes Hands On With iPhone 8

We can’t be 100 percent sure the dummy models we’ve seen are accurate representations of what we can expect when the iPhone 8 launches, but they match up with leaked factory specifications, part leaks, CAD drawings, and information culled from the HomePod firmware Apple released in late July.

For that reason, we believe the dummy model in the video offers up a clear look at what Apple’s iPhone 8 looks like.

I’m happy to see one of these hands on videos compare the dummy model’s size to both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. When I went from iPhone 6 Plus to iPhone 7, I was happy to have a much smaller phone, but it was bittersweet to lose the Plus’ massive screen. iPhone 8/Pro looks to be only marginally bigger than a standard iPhone 7, with a 5.8” display - the best of both worlds.

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