Gruber on HomePod

John Gruber on HomePod:

I’ve been testing Apple’s new HomePod for the last week or so, and this is the first product review I’ve written that could be accurately summarized in the length of a tweet, and an old-school 140-character tweet at that: HomePod does exactly what Apple says it does, doesn’t do anything more than what Apple says it does, and costs $349. There.

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Gruber’s impressions line up with most of the other reviews. For primary objectives Apple appears to have nailed it.

  • An amazing small speaker - Done
  • Siri as primary interaction model for HomePod - Done
  • Amazing wireless interface for said speaker - mostly done

Some notes: for now HomePod only supports AirPlay 1. It’s successor, AirPlay 2 is coming in a software update. This will enable multi-room audio and less latency.

Siri’s functionality is limited for now, but HomePod is billed primarily as a speaker, not an assistant. I would expect more Siri functions with future software updates.

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