Kinesis Reloaded: Day 3 › Modification Log - Kinesis Contoured Model 110
In the final part of this series, all the pre-assembly work has been completed. All the various parts of the Kinesis have been overhauled and modernized. The last step is to assemble it! Read More ›

Kinesis Reloaded: Day 2 › Modification Log - Kinesis Contoured Model 110
After a year of making small plans and acquiring parts (namely a Stapelberg controller), I was ready to start modifications to the Kinesis. Last Sunday was Day 1 of a multi-part project. These modifications will completely rebuild the Kinesis from the ground up. When I'm done, the only thing that will remain from the original board is the case. Read More ›

Kinesis Reloaded: Day 1 › Modification Log - Kinesis Contoured Model 110
After a year of making small plans and acquiring parts (namely a Stapleberg controller), I was ready to start modifications to the Kinesis. Last Sunday was Day 1 of a multi-part project. These modifications will completely rebuild the Kinesis from the ground up. When I'm done, the only thing that will remain from the original board is the case. Read More ›

First Look: MT3 Profile Keycap Set
This is a first look at the new /dev/tty keycaps from Massdrop. Inspired by vintage terminal keyboards MT3 profile is high profile, sculpted, and designed from scratch using modern day tools. Read More ›

Stickerbomb DZ60 HHKB Build Log
I loved the look of the stickerbombed case, but not the layout. I'm firmly a 60% guy, I simply didn't have interest in a TKL layout board. I knew that to make one for myself, and to have the HHKB layout I love, I'd have to endeavor to build my first truly custom keyboard case. Read More ›

The Stapleberg Controller
The Stapleberg controller is a QMK-compatible drop-in replacement control electronics for Kinesis Advantage keyboards. Read More ›

Christmas Tree PCB › A 6-key macropad that doubles as an ornament.
This 6-key macropad from features a simple design in the shape of a Christmas tree. Running QMK, it's a fully functional macropad and really great light-up ornament. Read More ›

Brown Alps Iris Build Log
Iris is a split ortholinear keyboard based on Lets Split and Nyquist. From, Iris is a bold 60% layout split keyboard, providing the same punch and functionality as ErgoDox, in a much smaller package. This build log details my white Iris with Brown Alps Switches. Read More ›

RedScarf II Ver.D Build Log › 60% + Numpad with Gatistotle Switches
For a long time I really wanted a 60% keyboard with integrated numpad, but I didn't want a board that included Fkeys (like the RS96) as I rarely use them. Then one day along came the RedScarf II+ Ver.D Read More ›

AZIO Retro Keyboard › Modification Log
For my girlfriend's birthday this year, I bought and modified a keyboard for her. One that fit the aesthetic she liked, and with the mechanical switches she prefers. Read More ›

Maxkey SA Cyan On Dolch › A budget friendly SA profile keycap set.
Cyan on Dolch is a SA profile set from Maxkey SA; from a group by on KeyClack. Maxkeys sets are also significantly cheaper than Signature Plastics, this set was only ~$90 compared to the typical ~$150 one pays for an SA profile keycap set. Read More ›

Elvish SA Keycaps
A Chinese made SA Profile Keycap Set. Read More ›

'Cause I've Got A Golden Ticket › The Amazing Chocolatier SA
A smooth and chocolatey SA profile keycap set Read More ›

Kinesis Contoured Model 110
A few days I added a Kinesis Countoured Model 110 to my collection. The predecessor to the Advantage and the Advantage 2, this model is over 20 years old. Read More ›

Handwired Jellycomb Numpad › Mod Log
I see great possibilities with this numpad. The biggest reason why I prefer programmable boards vs standard boards is to get a certain set of keys - media controls and arrows. I largely see myself using the numpad at work when I'm using a 60% board. I can see myself using standard non-programmable boards now because all the critical keys I want/need are integrated into the numpad. Read More ›

Dasher & Dancer Keycap Set
I'm really excited about this set. The only trouble I've got now - do I buy Dasher, or Dancer? Read More ›

LightCycle Keycap Set
Really rad keycap set from The Van Keyboards. Read More ›

Possible 40% w/Numpad Project
I've had a Zenith Data Systems keyboard with glorious Alps SKCL Greens for a while, and I've been trying to think of a project for it. Read More ›

Profile Differences
SA profile is high, thick, ABS, but I didn't realize how big the height difference was until now. Read More ›

ErgoDox Phase III › Testing, Part 3
Work on my building my test ErgoDox is complete. I knew going into this build that I would need to improvise a lot, since this type of build (RGB Underglow) is not officially supported. I'll say that the decision to order two PCBs was a good one. Knowing that the first board was for testing and experimenting removed a lot of my stress. Typically when attempting something like this I'm quite stressful that I'll somehow destroy the board during the build. Given that I had 2 complete sets of PCBs + electronics made me worry free. Read More ›

Apple M0110
The M0110 is the board that shipped with the original 128K Macintosh in 1984. In good condition these boards typically go for north of $100. After months of waiting for the right board, I was able to snatch this one for a mere $35 shipped. Read More ›

ErgoDox Phase III › Testing, Part 2
Basic RGB LED strip functionality has been implemented. I spent 3 days bashing my head against my desk trying to figure out how to implement this _and_ get the firmware to compile successfully. Read More ›

ErgoDox Phase III › Testing, Part 1
Received my ErgoDox PCBS today. The adventurous idea of installing RGB LED strips on the thing begins. Read More ›

A Wild Golbat Appeared › 40% Keyboard Build Log
Some folks think a 60% keyboard is small, they've got nothing on 40% boards. Read More ›

Zenith Data Systems Keyboard › Alps SKCL Switches
I just got this Zenith Data Systems keyboard in. I'm not really sure what the model is, there are no labels or stickers on the board, so I'd need to crack it open to figure out exactly what it is. Read More ›

Board Surgery
Over the weekend I had to perform repair surgery on my white Alps64 board. After giving a tour of my office, my metal ErgoDox mockup fell off its wall mount, hitting the Alps64 on the way down.  Read More ›

Access-IS Ortholinear Board
Access-IS' boards are ortholinear matrix boards originally designed for POS. The ortholinear layout, mechanical switches, and programmable layout make them highly desirable for wonks like me. Read More ›

Ultratec Supercom 4400 TTY
Working in a building that has been occupied by a single company for 30+ years, I'm always scoping for odd and old equipment that has failed to be discarded. This caught my eye the other day, as all vintage-looking keyboards do. Read More ›

Clueboard Build Log
Enter Clueboard. Designed by Skullydazed, Clueboard is a 65% PCB designed precisely to the same dimensions as Leopold's F660. Clueboard supports a wide variety of layouts, and most importantly to me, support Hasu's TMK firmware. Read More ›

ErgoDox Phase II › Mockup
When I began planning my Ergodox build, I had my eyes on a build by witbliz using aluminum plates from AKmalamute's group buy. Read More ›

ErgoDox Build - Phase I › Research & Planning
My goal in this project is to build an ErgoDox that fits my desires and pushes the envelope of what's possible with the extant PCB. It would be simple and easy for me to acquire a PCB from Falbatech, some keycaps, an acrylic case from MechanicalKeyboards, and build a bog-standard ErgoDox. I'd like to be a bit more ambitious. Read More ›

Hot Keys Project Warmaster
Hot Keys Project had a sale last month for Easter themed keycaps. I picked up this Warmaster in anticipation for my Satan GH60 build. Read More ›

Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name. › Satan GH60 Build Log
It started off as a 'throw some shit together that I have lying around' board into one I love and am very proud of. Read More ›

I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die... › Blue Alps Build (Video Log)
The other two Alps64 keyboard builds I've done were exercises in learning about the custom-keyboard world, and in sourcing parts. This build was far more ambitious. I wasn't simply accumulating and assembling parts - I got far more involved than that. This was definitely my most rewarding build yet. Six or seven months of preparations and acquiring parts culminated in a marathon 12 hour build session. Read More ›

More For The Collection
Last week I got in some new parts for a future build, a lovely Zorbcaps artisan keycap, and a really unique new-in-box vintage board. Read More ›

Data911 Rebuild › Why bother painting the back of the fence?
The Data911 (as it's called by some) is a 75% board with included trackpad manufactured by TG3. If you've found yourself in the front seat of a police cruiser, there's a decent chance you've encountered this board, but not known it. It was originally designed for law enforcement to be used in their vehicles. Read More ›

Planck Build › A 40% Ortholinear Keyboard
The Ortholinear keyboard concept has exploded within the keyboard community lately. Among the many that exist, those made by Jack Humbert's Planck and Atomic have proven to be incredibly popular. A recent group buy on Massdrop had hundreds of participants. Read More ›

Removing Dampers From Linear Matias Switches
I love an MX mount linear; Cherry/Gateron Reds are a lovely switch. I did find that Matias' linears, they very spongey, particularly when bottoming out. Further investigation revealed to me that Matias installs dampers. Cue the music, it was time to tweak and modify. Read More ›

The Art of the Bodge
Much like the British Leyland in the 1970's, sometimes you really only need to get things to 'good enough'. Read More ›

White Alps64 Round 2 Board #1 › Build Log of my SKCM White Alps64.
When you're writing a blog that revolves a lot around your hobby and projects, namely being a keyboard wonk, it's probably a good idea to write up a post about your first-ever project in that hobby. Read More ›

Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival
The cap is beautifully detailed and stays very true to its silver screen inspiration. It is immaculately casted of polyurethane, and allows backlighting to shine through Lord Vader's eyes. The work here is just stellar. There has been a rash lately of artisan keycaps that are if anything, over detailed. HiddenPower brings us a cap that has fantastic detail and nuance without allowing it to become too detailed or risking a poor looking cast job. This is exceptional work. Read More ›

Alps Party 60% Board #1 › Build Log of my SKCM Orange Alps64
I'm very pleased with how this board turned out. My favorite board is still my white Alps64, but I will admit that it doesn't come anywhere close to looking as great as this board does. I've been running the orange Alps64 as my daily driver for a few weeks now, and will probably continue to do so until I complete my blue Alps64.  Read More ›

My Planck Arrived!
Nearly 6 months after the group buy on Massdrop ended, my Planck has finally arrived! Read More ›

I received my KeyKollectiv MeowCap a few days ago. It's not my first artisan keycap, but it is the first one I've purchased. I'm such a cat lover that I couldn't NOT buy it. Read More ›

Melted Vader Keycap
I don't care for most artisan keycaps, but a keycap of Vader's mask as seen in The Force Awakens was a must have. Read More ›

The Quest For Blue Alps › A bit about Alps switches, and the elusive blue
That's right, I did a buy-it-now on a listing for a computer that happens to come with a keyboard for the sole purpose of getting a keyboard that might be the one I'm after. Read More ›

On Becoming a Keyboard Wonk
I suppose what made me fall in love with this board most of all was the feel of the keypress. It was so different from what I was used to with traditional keyboards. It was incredibly tactile, smooth, and required significantly less force (so it was easier on my fingers). All the flash gamer boards I'd ever played with at a Best Buy just didn't appeal to me, but getting my hands on this board really showed me the light. Read More ›