I received my KeyKollectiv MeowCap a few days ago. It’s not my first artisan keycap, but it is the first one I’ve purchased. I’m such a cat lover that I couldn’t NOT buy it.

I’m quite happy with my decision, the keycap is ADORABLE! It’s certainly not the most detailed artisan ever, but I don’t typically go for the over-sculpted, way out there keycaps anyway. It’s got the perfect amount of detail, and the pink in the paw pads just pops. I think its permanent place will be somewhere on a dark board just to give the board some color and eye-draw.

The cap is thick and well molded, but I did experience some issues with how tight the MX mount is. Right away when putting on a board part of the mount broke off. I can certainly live with it, but I hope no other part of it breaks.
Broken MX Mount


After speaking with KeyKollectiv, they’re sending me a replacement cap for the one that was damaged. I’m over the moon. You expect this sort of ‘customer’ service when dealing with a large seller or company, but to be taken care of so well by an Artisan is something else entirely. A++

Update 2

I received my replacement Meowcap yesterday (01/15/16). This time I got it mounted on a board with no issues. KeyKollectiv shipped the replacement for free, and didn’t even make me ship the old one back. I feel so well taken care of, I will definitely be buying more of their work in the future.

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