More For The Collection

Last week I got in some new parts for a future build, a lovely Zorbcaps artisan keycap, and a really unique new-in-box vintage board.

First: a blue Tex aluminum 60% case. This is just like the case I’ve got on my white alps board. This one will be used for the blue alps build.

The case is anodized aluminum. It has a beautiful blue color, and it just looks stellar under the lights.

Pictured below is the HHKB style plate that will go along with this build. The plate is laser cut steel that will be painted blue to match soon.

Second: a Zorbcaps Chilly Entling. My collection of artisan caps is slowly growing. I’m no BBv2 fiend, but I’m pleased with what I’ve acquired thus far. The Chilly Entling has a subtle offwhite color with pale blue accents. The inspiration being Ents from LOTR.

Finally: a new in box IBM keyboard from the mid 1980s. This is a model 6112884, which is related to the infamous IBM 4704 boards.

Unlike most IBM boards using buckling spring switches, this variant uses Alps switches. Specifically it’s equipped with Alps SKCC(also called Alps T Mount) switches, which predate the SKCM switches I’m so fond of. The SKCCs in this board are heavy green linears with a sublte soft bottom out.

The board has AT for connectivity, and what appears to be dyesub PBT keycaps. Notable about this board is its Japanese layout and legends. Unlike most alps boards, the keycaps here are high-profile sphericals. They have much more in common with Signature Plastics SA profile than the typical OEM style profile seen on most Alps boards at that time.

It’s amazing to find a board from that era in this condition, much less for the price I paid for it. I picked this up for $25+ shipping from Mendelsons, a warehouse liquidator in Ohio.

As is sits right now, the board is not compatible with modern-day computers, but I’m sure I’ll make a future project of either converting it by hand-wiring a matrix, or by using one of Hasu’s converters.

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