Apple M0110

I’ve been on the hunt for an Apple M0110 for ages. As an Apple fanboy and keyboard wonk, a properly restored M0110 is nearly as compelling as my very first mech - a 60% version of Apple’s AEKII.

The M0110 is the board that shipped with the original 128K Macintosh in 1984. In good condition these boards typically go for north of $100. After months of waiting for the right board, I was able to snatch this one for a mere $35 shipped. Unlike most examples at this price point, this one has all keycaps present, and only medium yellowing.

I’m quite busy at the moment with my ErgoDox build, so it may be some time before I get to this board. The plan is do perform a restoration similar to lowpoly’s. After quite a few custom boards, this project will be my first time building a hand-wired board. This will also be my first time retrobrighting something. As long as ErgoDox doesn’t take too long, I hope to have this fully restored by the end of the year.

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