LightCycle Keycap Set

Really rad keycap set from The Van Keyboards. This set was already used as an optional addon for the Minivan keyboard when it dropped on Massdrop. Now a full LightCycle keycap set is being offered.

The set is DSA profile, manufactured by Signature Plastics. What’s quite notable about this set is the inclusion of Alps mount as an option. This is one of the very very few custom Alps keycap sets that’s been produced. The only other full set I’m aware of is Njbair’s Alpine Winter, which I used on my Blue Alps board. Even more rad than even basic Alps layout support (Alpine Winter only supported 60%) is the compatibility set.

The compatibility set expands the supported layouts significantly - including ErgoDox, Planck, and Clueboard.

I’m very excited for the possibilities for this set. I’m not sure what I’d build with it, but I ordered the base + compatibility for Alps mount switches. I’ve got plenty of SKCL Green and SKCM Brown switches on hand, so I figure I’ll use one (or both) of those for a board with these keycaps.

[via The Van Keyboards]

Update 10/28

From TheVanKeyboards:

I am sad to inform you that this pre-order for LightCycle has been cancelled.

Unfortunately when I quoted the set much of it was together as one large set how I initially intended to run it. Over time and adding various components in made sense to split the set in a couple subsets. I didn’t re-quote since much of the keys quoted didn’t actually change, just the grouping of them. This was a mistake. Rearranging the large set into three smaller sets caused the compatibility/international set to be priced significantly below production cost.


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