Dasher & Dancer Keycap Set

While it may sound like a tribute to Santa Claus’s reindeer, the Dasher & Dancer Custom SA Keycap Set has nothing to do with Christmas—but that’s not to say it won’t make a great gift. Made possible by Massdrop, and designed by Geekhack and Deskthority community member zslane, this custom set of keycaps pays homage to the Dasher Terminal from Data General, which was one of the most advanced computers available upon its release. Based on the striking, two-toned blue keyboard of the original, it evokes a nostalgic 80s-era feeling. The Dasher kit is modeled after the original color scheme, but if you want to change things up, grab the inverted Dancer kit.

I’m really excited about this set. The interest check thread for this set has been active on GeekHack since February, so it’s great to finally see it coming to life. Notably, this set offers two different color options for alphas, which is quite uncommon these days. The set also has a fairly limited set of child deals as well, but zslane has chosen well here - the base kit support TKL layout, most folks will be able to cover the board of their choice with only 1 other child kit.

I only feel comfortable laying out the cash for one big keyboard purchase this season. I was planning on joining 1965 SA, but I think I’ll join Dasher and Dancer instead.

The only trouble I’ve got now - do I buy Dasher, or Dancer?

[via Massdrop]

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