Elvish SA Keycaps

I’ve been waiting for this set since December last year. The Elvish SA group buy was ran by Sennin32 of Doyu Studio. Sennin32 isn’t well known as a group buy leader among the Geekhack and r/MK crowd, but they are well known on eBay. If you’ve bought a Satan GH60, you probably bought it from Sennin32.

Elvish SA is a Chinese-manufactured clone of Signature Plastics’ SA profile keycaps. At only $70, these keycaps are significantly cheaper than Signature Plastics typical $100+ offerings.

This group by predates the wide availability of other SA clones like those from MaxKey. I’ve a set of MaxKeys on order from KeyClack, so I’ll have a post about those when they arrive.

The set is made with single shot PBT plastic, with a mix of dyesub and laser etched legends. The set has dual legends in both English and Elvish. Row profile is 1-3-3-3-3. The dyesub work is just okay. Legends are not particularly sharp, especially on the Elvish legends. The laser etched legends, however are clear and sharp. I would’ve rather seen the entire set be laser etched. Texture on the keys is good, there’s a slight texture present, but these are no where near as rough as other PBT sets like Signature Plastics DSA. Stems left a bit to be desired, they aren’t very consistent - some keys were easy to put on switches, others took much more effort.

Overall this set is okay. If you’re looking for SA profile the price point is quite nice, but the quality isn’t nearly as good as Signature Plastics. It was worth buying, but I wouldn’t buy a set from the same manufacturer again.

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