Maxkey SA Cyan On Dolch

Maxkey SA Cyan On Dolch

A budget friendly SA profile keycap set.

I’ve been very excited to receive this set.

Maxkeys sets are notable in that they are Chinese made, and significantly cheaper than Signature Plastics keycaps. This set was only ~$90 compared to the typical ~$150 one pays for an SA profile keycap set.

Cyan on Dolch is a SA profile keycap set from Maxkey SA; from a group by on KeyClack. Unlike the Elvish SA set I received a few weeks ago, Cyan on Dolch is a fully sculpted SA profile set.


The keys in this set are exceptional, I dare say even superior to offerings from Signature Plastics. Keys are thick double shot ABS, and unlike Signature Plastics keys, have a matte finish. Typing on these keys feels fantastic. Being matte, they are slightly less grippy than Signature Plastics’ SA, but the texture is great. The matte finish is fine, not rough at all.

Key fit was great as well. The stems are uniform and very well molded. They’re slightly less tight than Signature Plastics, but not too loose. These keys are well suited for folks who like to swap keys frequently.

At the moment I’ve got these on my Satan GH60 board, but I eventually plan for them to have a permanent home on my Red Scarf II + Ver. D.

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