First Look: MT3 Profile Keycap Set

This is a first look at /dev/tty keycaps in MT3 profile. MT3 was developed from scratch by Matt3o, using new CAD designs and production molds; it was produced and sold by Massdrop. Inspired by vintage terminal keyboards from the 70s and 80s, /dev/tty is the first set available in this new profile, and is surely the first of many to come.

MT3 is a NEW keycap profile that tall and sculpted. These keycaps use matte PBT plastic with crisp dye sublimated legends. MT3 is not a SA profile clone, it is entirely new - while high profile and visually similar to SA, MT3 feels entirely different and has a more aggressive sculpt, especially on row 4. The spherical tops of the keycaps are also significantly different from SA - the tops are smaller and cup one’s fingertips far more than SA does, it’s a really great feeling.

In terms of feel, each MT3 top feels like a deep dish top, because of this aggressive sphere, there’s a lot more tactile feedback than SA sets, it’s easier to orient one’s self by feel alone than any set I’ve used before. The unique sculpt really adds a lot to the feel - of course Row 1 sculpts upwards, but Row 4 also sculpts upwards in the opposite direction. The row 4 sculpt is similar to the row 4 on DCS profile keycaps, but because MT3 is spherical, it is far more comfortable.

Massdrop encountered many production difficulties while readying this set (which is to be expected with any entirely new product), but I’m happy to report that the delays were worthwhile. The texture and printing on these keycaps is fantastic. Unlike SA, these are entirely matte (SA is semigloss), with a light but smooth texture on the keycap tops - far smoother than DSA keycaps. The dye sublimated printing is vibrant and crisp. With the Cyrillic set I have, the red legends really pop and look fantastic.

I’ve been a big advocate for SA profile keycaps for a long time, but there’s a very good chance that MT3 will be my new go-to keycap profile.

RedScarf II Ver.D