Universal iOS and Mac Apps
Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reporting Apple will allow developers to ship universal iPhone and Mac apps in 2018. Read More ›

Impossible Japanese Rope Ring Puzzle
Japanese TV show Knight Scoop attempts to solve an impossible to solve rope ring puzzle. Read More ›

PowerUp › USB-C Charger With Built-In USB Hub
A full-sized USB-C charger with 3 integrated USB A ports for charge and sync. Clever. Read More ›

Chris is a project on Kickstarter for a 'digital co-driver'. Chris acts as a second screen for iOS and Android devices, and works with music and navigation, featuring voice and gesture control. Read More ›

iOS vs Desktop Security
Great explanation from Matthew about the large attack surface presented by a modern desktop machine, and how it compares to mobile devices that were built with security and limited application power in mind. The piece can hopefully explain to the layuser some of the mindfulness that's needed to remain secure. Read More ›

Nintendo Switch Unboxing
Peeqo The GIF Bot Video
Following up on my post from last month, the creator of Peeqo has created a video about his GIF bot. Read More ›

Kaby Lake CPUs
Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs were 'officially' launched today. Kaby Lake is a marked change from Intel's old Tick/Tock release schedule. Read More ›

South Carolina Ransomware
Government sanctioned and mandated ransomware, great. Read More ›

Peeqo The GIF Bot
This is an amazing DIY project from abhi3188 on Reddit. Read More ›

Off Doesn't Mean OFF › Shazam is always listening
Patrick Wardle's reversal of Shazam's code. Read More ›

Borrowed Time
Incredible short film from Lou Hamou-Lhadj & Andrew Coats of PIXAR. Read More ›

Note 7 is dead
Too Late
Great short story from Reddit's r/WritingPrompts Read More ›

Signal Subpoena
Fortunately, Open Whisper Systems does things right. They use end-to-end encryption and log as little information as possible. Read More ›

WhatsApp Gets Zucked
Glad I never started using Whatsapp, even after they went encrypted by default. Read More ›

NBC Olympics
As a part of the millenial generation, I, like many of my peers do not watch traditional broadcast television. I am not merely a cord cutter, I am a 'cord never'. At no point in my adult life have I had cable or satellite service. Hell, I haven't even had an antenna for the past 5 years. Read More ›

Knobs Schmobs!
I press a lot of buttons at my job, most of them suck. Read More ›

The Mille
From Alex Roy's series on The Drive about his experience at the Mille Miglia, a 1,000 mile road rally for classic cars. Read More ›

The Pesky 5th Amendment Problem
So apparently the punishment these for refusing to have your 5th amendment rights violated is indefinite imprisonment. Read More ›

When You Say Photocopying Machine...
NYT's 'Verbatim' series shows us a deposition from a suit about 'photocopiers' Read More ›

Cookie Monster uses Siri. Read More ›

The Best Version Of The Useless Machine
I've seen plenty of variants of the useless machine over the years. This is my favorite. Read More ›

Da Comrade! Ve Vill Drivink Anywhere In Sherp!
The SHERP is Alexei Garagashyan’s brilliant invention. It weighs just 2,866 pounds dry, so while it might only have a 44.3 horsepower 1.5 liter Kubota V1505 four-cylinder diesel linked to a five-speed manual, it will still do 28 mph on land, or 3.7 mph in water, depending on the wind. It will also crawl at up to 9.3 mph in first gear. Read More ›

Lastpass Logo Fail
As part of its acquisition by LogMeIn, Lastpass unveiled a new logo today. Read More ›

A Terrifying Piece of Paper
Brian Krebs' PayPal Account Compromised Again
The bottom line is that no amount of good passwords and out-of-band security is a match for a determined hacker and poor company policies. Read More ›

Beautiful student spec ad for Johnnie Walker
Zeobit exposes 13 million users' data