A Terrifying Piece of Paper

Yup! Powerball will be at 1.3 billion dollars by Wednesday’s drawing. At least 1.3 billion dollars.

That’s definitely a dollar amount where winning would become terrifying. If you were to win a dollar amount that’s life-changing but still well below what a dope could squander away, you could choose to remain anonymous and make it stick. The only people who’d know would be your closest friends. And only the observant ones. “Andy never orders guac on his burrito; that’s, like, a $2.50 upcharge” would be the first loose thread that would unravel my cloak of lies.

Andy Ihnatko on Wednesday’s Powerball.

It’s amazing to think of all the good that one could do with that sum of money, but the thought of that much wealth is as Andy says: terrifying.

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