Peeqo The GIF Bot Video

Following up on a post from last month, the creator of Peeqo has created a video about his GIF bot.

Now, more than before I realize the potential of this bot. Peeqo just exudes charm.

The GIF response functionality is just a red herring to me. I see a bot like this, and I see personality, I see true potential for digital assistants. Systems like Siri and Echo make use of natural language understanding and machine learning, but they don’t have a lot of personality.

I see great potential with Peeqo (or a similar bot) serving for the front end of an Echo or a Siri-like machine learning system. It’s fantastic. The developer plans to make the entire project open source, so there is a real possibility of seeing something like this available (even if it’s DIY) soon.

I want one.

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