iCloud Drive + Backblaze
Using iCloud Drive with zero-knowledge client-side encryption, and Backblaze for unlimited encrypted cloud backup. Read More ›

Personal Computers › In the age of mobile, what is a personal computer?
I’ve been thinking about the term ‘personal computer’ lately, and I think I’ve come to a realization about what a personal computer can be, and (more specifically) what it means to me. Read More ›

In a sea of camera apps, what could possibly set Halide apart: Design. Read More ›

Fit Headless Displayport Adapter
A common issue with headless systems (especially on Macs) is that Remote Desktop won't function correctly without a monitor connected. The Fit headless adapter solves this problem. Read More ›

Blog Theme › New Look, More Functionality
Today I'm going live with a new theme for the blog. I'm really excited about the new look, and even more excited about the new functionality that the new theme offers. I loved the old look and feel, but it was time for a facelift. There has also been a lot more I'd like the site to be able to do - the new theme can do it. Read More ›

Everything Is On Fire › Fixing A Broken Mailserver
The Load Out
Tomorrow I'm taking a 5 hour drive to one of my work's other offices. Read More ›

Useless Machine Build Log
Last weekend I picked up a Useless Machine from Barnes & Noble. I've wanted one for some time, but never got around to buying or building a kit. Read More ›

Phillips Hue Motion Sensor
Phillips' Hue Motion Sensor seems like the perfect way to automate a great smart lighting platform, but is it? Read More ›

Unlimited, Encrypted, Zero Knowledge Cloud Storage
The goal, as I see it, is to find a cloud storage solution that offers competitive pricing, and control over my content - specifically the ability to encrypt it prior to transit. Read More ›

Nabi Dashcam
I've been pondering getting a dashcam for some months now. I am not a professional or commercial driver, and I'm not often in situations where I need to have a dashcam, but I think that they're potentially useful, and many are inexpensive. Read More ›

Work From Hoth Battlestation
Due to a pretty gnarly blizzard in my area today, the office was closed. Mind you, I wasn't clever enough to check my work email _before_ I drove to the office, so I rolled up at 9AM to find no cars there. Back to the apartment I went. Read More ›