Fit Headless Displayport Adapter

Fit Headless Displayport Adapter

If you’re like me, you Remote Desktop into various computers all the time. At work I remote to a Windows 7 PC every day to access our ticketing software, at home I remote into my media server all the time. Both of these machines are ‘headless’ in that they don’t have a monitor connected.

A common issue with headless systems (especially on Macs) is that Remote Desktop won’t function correctly without a monitor connected. The Fit headless adapter solves this problem.

Priced for just $17 on Amazon, this small adapter plugs into a DisplayPort or MiniDisplayPort and functions as a dummy monitor. This is obviously useful not only in making Remote Desktop fully functional, but it also allows a remote computer to drive a higher resolution.

In the box, the FitPC contains the adapter itself, and a DisplayPort to minidisplayport adapter. Some 30 different resolutions are supported - up to 4K. No drivers or installation is required - simply plug the Fit Headless into your remote computer, and you’re finished.

I’ve been aware of these types of adapters for some time. Typically I see them priced from $40 up, so the mere $17 for the Fit Headless is a steal. I’ve been using it for a month or so and am completely satisfied with it. It’s a plug and play adapter that works like it says on the tin.

TL;DR - got a stubborn headless computer? Use this adapter.

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