Christmas Tree Macro Pad Video Build Log

This week I spent a fun hour or so assembling this adorable Chrismas Tree macropad.

This 6-key macropad was sold in a group by by Maple-Computing, with design by That-Canadian and SpaceCat, and optional custom dye sublimated keycaps by ChillCaps.

The Christmas Tree can function as an ornament if you choose, but it’s also fully functional. It runs QMK firmware, so will be infinitely programmable.

For the moment this macropad is fulfilling it’s primary purpose: being a cool light-up ornament.

After the tree goes down, I’ll take the time to get this properly programmed and get it integrated into my workflow. Since I’m doing more and more video editing these days, this should make for a great editing tool.

For more information about this build, visit this post on the blog.

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