Stickerbomb DZ60 HHKB Build Video

About a year ago, I noticed a product on 1UpKeyboards for a stickerbomb TKL layout keyboard. The kit on the site offered two metal plates and a pack of stickers. Prior to the stickerbomb TKL launch, I’d seen plenty of stickerbombed keyboards, usually folks slapping stickers on existing cases. I really fell in love with the TKL on 1UpKeyboards because it used a skeleton/sandwich design, a case made of just two plates. I loved the raw look of it, the pictures on the site looked more three dimensional that other stickerbomb boards I’d seen. It looked more interesting, it had depth, because you could see stickers on both plates, as opposed to just stickers slapped on a standard plastic case.

I loved the look of the case, but not the layout. When it comes to standard staggered keyboards, I’m firmly a 60% guy. I simply have no interest in a TKL layout keyboard. Sadly, 1Up did not (and to date has not) offered a similar product in a 60% layout. I knew that to make one for myself, I’d have to endeavor to do my first truly custom keyboard case. I started doing research on how to have a custom plate made, and how to design one.

This board took a lot of time and effort to put together. I had been toying with, working on, and acquiring parts for this build for over a year. Given all the true custom work needed to build this board, I have a lot of pride in this build. This stickerbombed DZ60 feels great to type on, and is visually very striking. It’s far from a ‘clean’ looking build, but it wasn’t meant to be. This board was meant to be loud, and gaudy, and over the top - and it is.

A more in depth build log is here.

Typed on Kinesis Advantage